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Nexus Mod Manager Error Skyrim...

Ya i know that this isn't the place to put this, but the forums on nmm are completely dead with trying to fix these issues.
So i'm just gonna post what i wrote on the nmm fourms!
If anyone knows a fix for this error please lemme know. Thx

NMM was working fine...then it just stopped wanting to download the mods i was adding

1. Find a mod
2. click download with manager button
3. nmm opens up
4. download manager in nmm shows error.

I've tried uninstalling nmm and doing a fresh install, but it did nothing.
It dosn't matter which mod i try to download i get a similar error to the one below each time!
I've also tried redownloading files i had downloaded previously in nmm...but alas had this new error.
again error is:
File does not exist: nxm://skyrim/mods/8012/files/26546

Also this is nmm 0.14.1
Any help would be great!!
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Don't have a fix for this, but your not alone.

However, its just downloading the mod directly from Nexus that seems to not be working. you can still add mods manually to the NMM and install them.

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Nobody should use these mod managers
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NMM is great. It leaves your original Skyrim files intact and makes managing and keeping track of what you've got installed a breeze.

I'm not experiencing your issue on my end (same version) and I downloaded some mods this morning.

I have had that error in the past on a file (does not exist) and it was due to it only recently being added to the site and not completely finishing upload before I tried to get it.

As MrDocam said you can try to manually add files you download into NMM.
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It just takes time. Just try again later on, had the same issue a couple of days ago.
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