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Game Design Challenge - SOL: Exodus

Hi folks.

In the latest Game design Challenge promoted by the folks at www.gamecareerguide.com, they asked the participants to write an "epilogue" based on any game they wanted. I wrote an entry based on SOL: Exodus.

Here's the link to the game design challenge i'm talking about: http://gamecareerguide.com/features/...e_make_an_.php

I gotta go now, but i'll post later the entry I submitted.
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Seamless Entertainment
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I gotta go now, but i'll post later the entry I submitted.
I'm looking forward to reading what you wrote!
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Here's my entry:


This is my epilogue for the game SOL: Exodus released by Seamless Entertainment. Its story picks up shortly after the original game ended. It consists of 3 missions and introduces new weapons to the game.

The Epilogue:

WARNING - contains spoilers.

With Aric’s death, the remaining Children of Dawn (which I will refer to as the CoD) forces located in the outer Solar System surrender to the UCS. Things go smoothly until a delegation sent to negotiate the surrender of CoD forces located around Phobos does not return. The Commander decides to bring the Atlas to Phobos in order to investigate what happened.

1st mission – The commander arrives at Phobos only to discover that there is an asteroid field where the moon should be, and soon finds himself under attack by CoD forces under the command of a woman named “priestess Hannah”, and learns that Phobos was destroyed by a new weapon named “lightbringer”. After fending off the CoD attack, the commander proceeds to Lunamar colony (a human colony orbiting Earth’s moon).

This mission introduces the swarm missile, a missile capable of locking on four targets at once (even though it causes half the amount of damage of the standard missile).

2nd mission – The commander arrives at Lunamar and finds it under attack by CoD capital ships and fighters. The commander manages to deal with the attacking ships and receives a transmission from a CoD fighter pilot who survived the battle. The pilot says he wishes to defect and tells the commander the true nature of lightbringer: powerful warheads capable of destroying entire planets or igniting stars. The commander orders the evacuation of Lunamar and goes to the current location of Hannah’s ship: the Sun.

This mission introduces the harbinger bombs (slow moving bombs that happen to be very effective against capital ships).

3rd mission – After arriving at the Sun, the commander learns from Hannah that the she has already ignited it with a lightbringer warhead (thus hastening the apocalypse), and tells the commander that once she destroys the Atlas, she will head to the Perseus Arm and destroy the humans on Planet Salvation as well. The commander destroys Hannah’s ship, (a carrier named “Dawn’s Might”) and its fleet, but it has only a few minutes left before the sun turns into a supernova and destroys the Solar System. The Commander tells Cassi to make the Atlas jump to Perseus, but Cassi warns him that the fact that the sun is becoming unstable will interfere with the jump calculations, and that it is unlikely they will be able to jump to the correct location. The Atlas leaves the Solar System mere moments before the Sun destroys it.

During This mission, the player has at its disposal both weapons introduced on the previous missions, and must use them wisely to deal with the enemies there.
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My entry was selected as one of the best.


I want to thank the folks at Seamless Entertainment for developing such an awesome game
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