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Evochron or Sol: Exodus???

I've heard all the X3, star wars tie fighter and freelancer comparisons but really what about these two games. Which is the better one? Are they the same kind of game, or unique. I do like Evochron's cockpit view and it seems Sol has some issues with joysticks (which they are trying to patch). Anyone ventured into both with some perspective at all on the two? I would love to hear what they think and about personal impressions and purchase recommendations. thanks.
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Different appeals, I'd think. Sol is about leaderboard chasing, and a story driven campaign. Evochron appeals to me because the idea of building space stations with other players to expand the universe sounds nifty. Sol has loading screens, Evochron doesn't. One is entirely single player, one isn't. That sort of thing. That said, Evochron is the one I'd prefer, but it's pricier, so I got Sol for now and played the Evo demo.

Controls- wise, Evochron has more piloting going on, I think, too. Sol is more of an arcade shooter.

Oh, the future for both games looks bright... both have discussed leaving the ship for planet- based, or some other form of combat (Mechs, space combat a la Shattered Horizon, who knows?)
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Im sure for 10 bucks you can't go wrong for a short story and killings with Sol. If you just want to touch on the fighting in space for a few hours I would say Sol..it will not feel as "spacey" as EM though.. more arcadish.

They do have issues with "joysticks" right now and suppose to have a fix next week..

but mouse and keyboards work ok.

Evochron Mercenary will last a lot longer and feel more like a complete space adventure. Plus you have ways to add to the game and customize it. Plus EM has the multiplayer side that really extends its playablity. Probably the most fun part of the game.. Play with your friends online.

If only one I would say Evocrhon Mercenary with no doubt.

But, you can always get both.. I did..

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Sol: Exodus took me 3.8 hours to complete, including 2 mission replays.

Short and alright. Just missing a depth and richness.
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Has anyone played that Black Prophecy game? How does it compare to Evochron?
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I'm still debating buying this game but as for Black Prophecy its... very cash shop oriented. You build your ship some what like an MMO character going Tank, Dps, or healer. Each role has its strengths and weaknesses.... however if you purchase all the cash shop parts you get all the strengths, without the weaknesses. Also they have some serious balancing issues with explosives and missiles that track vs missiles that you aim.
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k, thanks... I've been playing it, and Sol, some, but intend to go back to the Evochron demo today to round out my decision. Enjoying the BP, but I hear range issues, too... prevalence of rail gun and snipers.
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Some fantastic replies with very good explanations. I have been searching for a good space sim/shooter. X3 needs a phd to play (And one day I will get that PHD ). I have gamefly and I am using the beta download system right now and they have quite a few free downloads for suscribers. I just downloaded the Dark Horizon game and so far I like it but I haven't really scratched the surface. Really waiting for the next X wing remake of all things. cheers
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Each one is good in different ways. I have tried them all recently and this is my personal opinion:

X3:TC - HUGE Universe to explore with TONS of ships to pilot including Capital Ships. However, everything is restricted to lots of "zones" in between Jump Gates. Highly functional trade system with the ability to setup your own trade empire. Combat I found to be "meh". Its not horrible but not super great. SETA will kill a lower end system if used constantly from what I gather also.

Evochron Mercenary - Great physics based combat and the ability to explore the surface of planets. Not restricted to "jump gate" travel like the X3:TC with "zones". Multiplayer is a plus as well. No capitol ships though. Though there is ALWAYS something to do. Lots of things to explore that are hidden away by the game's creator.

Sol: Exodus - Has fun combat with an arcade style space shooter. Don't expect anything deep or any exploration or much depth. What you see is what you get. Explosions and lots of them. If this is your thing then give it a shot. Its fun in the brainless lets blow everything up sense.

EDIT: I wish all these different companies would come together and make the perfect space game. Each of these games has something that it could add that would make it perfect.

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Here my two cents:

SOL: Exodus is a singleplayer arcade space shooter with a basic storyline. It tries to be a fast pace action shooter but never reach it for now. Perhaps futur updates will improves the gameplay. You can play this game with whatever device you want (keyboard + mouse, joystick or a gamepad).

Evochron Mercenaries is more like a Space sim Sandbox not like X series. But something near to Independance War 1/2. I won't say anymore since others had already given the details.

Black Prophecy is a really good Fast pace action shooter. Visually it's oustanding. You really feel the power of your weapons. And since it's a Free 2 Play, you are free to test it. The storyline is far better than SOL: Exodus

Freespace 2, well, is the top of the top in singleplayer space sim shooter. The storyline is great. Combat are very nervous, violent. And you really feel the danger when you approach a cruiser. With Freespace 2 SCP (Freespace Open), you can have an up to date visual with Track IR support and so on.
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i wont lie, for a game that looks good and has more story to it, go with Sol.

for something to somewhat replace EVE online, and allow more customization for appearance and have a general do whatever you want kinda feel to it, go with evochron.
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Depends on what kind of experience you want,Evochron is a open ended game with lots of exploration involved,with mining being very prominent(among other non combat oriented activities),moreso than combat(at least that is my experience so far).
It´s a slow burner.

Sol is a shooter,that´s all there is to it,an arcade shooter that is. If action is what you´re looking for(and story as well,though it isn´t very good in that department)then Sol is the way to go I suppose.

I find Evochron Mercenary to be by far the superior game.

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Evochron. It's the best space game out there right now, and it has great multiplayer that lets you just use your sp pilot and everything you do stays with your character no matter which mode you play.

I strongly recommend playing it with a joystick too.
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