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Red face Can we get a permanent fix to disconnect exploits?

Was hoping Nathan could come give us a solution to two of the more annoying problems currently plaguing the game:

1. Early quitters

I can understand there's something in place to prevent stat inflation, but seriously, having someone attempt to counterpick me and leave because he realises I was actually trying to play the game and not be cheesy and he's left with priestesses and rod of elrath while he about to get facestomped by non-spider cloak death knights is getting old.

Or those who leave because you manage a good combo chain on first move.

From what I can tell, you don't even break a streak or get a disconnect count if you do this. There has to be some kind of penalty to stop people being idiots about it.

2. Lagquitters

There is a common way of causing the timer to stop counting down, and leaving the game basically frozen. I've got one idiot doing it to me right now, and I'm leaving my PC on until he gives in. This problem is definitely even more annoying than the first, as sore losers just hang the game if they're about to lose.

Timers should continue to count down, no matter what, or we should have a disconnect timer if someone isn't performing any actions. If someone lags, I'll play one game with him, then find another partner. What's happening now doesn't even let me finish my damn game.
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no 1 will do a about any bugs or exploits
money money money must be funny
and Cappy is not an exeption
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