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Exclamation Don't buy this game (or any other Sigma Team title)

Well, it should be enough that Alien Hallway is a very lackluster title at best and that there are several significantly better alternatives (try "Swords and Soldiers HD" or "Plants vs Zombies" if you like the idea of 2D tower defense).

But if you buy this game you'll be supporting the rudest, most egomaniac and borderline insane representative for a company ever.
I'm not going to bother quoting this guys "gems", but if you're up for a laugh (or more likely a sad and slightly uncomfortable chuckle) read up on his antics over here:

Can someone summarize the hostility from the developer towards Steam?

You will notice that the official forum is heavily censored and contains mostly posts by ve2vlc since just about everything else is simply deleted right away.

Steam is censored on the official forums, support for games bought off Steam is refused!

And these games are in desperate need of support, since:

All you will be getting is a demo (unlike the official demo, this one at least comes without a browser-toolbar), you probably won't be able to pass level 4:


This possibly is an anti-piracy measure misfiring or simply complete and utter lack of play testing ... and it will most likely never be fixed on Steam!
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Totally agree.

I love tower defense games and picked this one up today for the sale. I don't mean to sound like a troll but, honestly there are flash games out there that are significantly better in quality, depth and length. I got about 1 hour out of it and a fair portion of that was spent scratching my head.

Then I pop on here just to see what everyone else is saying, which led me to the official forums. I spent more time reading and being shocked at what I saw in their forums than what I spent playing their game.

I am absolutely blown away, disgusted even. Every thread is locked or deleted except for one or two random "Why I Like Sigma Team" posts and a bunch of really weird, poorly written posts by the only mod... EVERY SINGLE THREAD!! Anything linked to from the Valve forums here has been deleted.

When I first landed there I thought they got hacked it was such a mess. No, that is just how they roll.

Anyone that asks for help is accused of piracy and/or told to contact support then swiftly has their thread locked or deleted. I'm going to wager that the same guy handles the support emails and will just accuse you of piracy again over email and then tell you to buy the game from Sigma Team's site.

This guy has to be the owner or lead developer of their games, as I don't see them hiring someone just to run such a small forum. That just makes his behavior all the more unbelievable.

I regret having bought any of their games on Steam now. Seeing how they run their "community" ... I refuse to support such a company and definitely will be avoiding any of their future titles.

What a disaster!! I hope anyone interested in this game sees this thread before they buy.

Anyways, sorry for ranting, I'm done now :P
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I'm surprised the The Inevitable Is it Worth it thread is not locked and/or deleted yet.

Which one of you scoundrels created it?
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To be fair, while this game is pretty bad, I do think Alien Shooter 2 was ok.
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I thought most of the shooter games were OK actually, hence why I bought this, thinking it was along the same lines, but in 3D. Oops.
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Lord Magnos
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Don't buy this game

I genuinely couldn't believe what people were saying about those forums, now I've seen it for myself I think it's one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen! Maybe his only only understanding of english is from the Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook, or something like it!


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Really? this game is very terrible?
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Originally Posted by lazar View Post
Really? this game is very terrible?
Yes it is.
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Oh wow. Thanks for this thread, I had a good laugh.
Sigma is certainly a very... special company.
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I get the impression the mod is a fan who was hired. He is a very deranged person.
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Hmm I liked the game, its a good way to pass some time.
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