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WHY BAN VAC ? I have not had to play for 2 weeks ?! I never cheated and of the day at the following day I find myself banished VAC??
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What do you mean with
"I never cheated and of the day at the following day I find myself banished"?
The following day of what?

You will not find help in a forum for your account related questions. If you are sure that it wasnt you who cheated, or that no one cheated at all, contact support and make a support account. With other password than your steam account.
And think about possibilities where someone could have done it on your account, and how he could get your account details!. Make your account save. Enable steam guard. Dont share account details.

For reasons, if someone else cheated on your account, the ban will not be lifted. Because all cheaters naturally will try to take this path later.
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If you were vac banned it was for a reason most likely candidates are

1) You cheated. Obvious but you know.
2) You used a single player cheat during a multi-player game. This is another common mistake people do. This is why I never recommend single-player cheats, as you can 'accidentally' VAC ban yourself
3) Account hijack. This is less likely if you can still log in.
4) Someone used your computer and cheated. More likely. If your computer is accessable by roommates/siblings/etc then god know what they might have done.

You must consider what might have possibly caused your VAC ban. VAC bans are permanent and irreversible and in 99.999% of cases absolutely correct. Thus the default position is that VAC detected SOMEONE used a cheat with your account. Please think as to why this might be the case.
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Sticky: Valve Anti-Cheat: Information Thread

From the support FAQ pages:

Please read up on VAC, in the above thread and in the support section.

These forums can not help with VAC ban issues. Contacting support is your only option.

Contacting Steam Billing and Support

Nothing to see here
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