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Suddenly Low FPS [Poss Spoilers]

This game Is loads of fun, have 27 hours logged in it but I am in Stellas Catacombs in her graveyard, and all of a sudden my game is running like crap, Like 5-20 FPS, and I don't get why.

Sometimes I can Alt tab out of the game, then back in, and it fixes it for a few mins.

I have tried this in Windowed mode

My specs are:
2 monitors (1600x900)
2.93GhZ Intel CPU
ATI HD 6950 2GB
Win 7

I tried disabling my other monitor, that does not seem to help.

I hope someone has a solution, cause I am having a blast with this game, and would love to finish it.

Also I wanna hug Sana to death, shes so cute. And Stella needs a good beating, spoiled brat.
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Unhappy I'm pretty sure there's a memory leak.

A couple of users have stated that their is a memory leak. Several have looked at their task manager and have watched the memory usage continuously go up. As for a solution, I am not entirely sure. Aside from restarting your computer every so often (which is a solution, albeit a silly one), I'm not sure what else you can do on your end.
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