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Rodney Swan
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I haven't posted in a while in one of these threads so I believe I have the patience to do so again.

Originally Posted by Crystal2112 View Post
It's not VALVe's fault that the 360 version of TF2 doesn't have more weapons or items. You see, VALVe actually wanted the 360 version to have weapons and items to purchase, but Microsoft ed them over and wouldn't allow it. This is why most of the 360 players switched to the PC version.
Originally Posted by gotthisfortf2 View Post
I believe that valve wanted to but Microsoft wouldn't let them.And there are not a whole lot of players on console either, so it might not be worth it for valve to even take the time.

Quit blaming Microsoft, god damn it. They have a system that's been operational for years. Valve worked with this system, and they should have known what they were getting into. Microsoft has never allowed free updates of this calibre and most likely never will. Valve wanted to change their business model. Sounds pretty incompetent.

There are many mandatory updates that could have been shipped easily and freely, but Valve cried about how they couldn't ship GB's of content for free and decided not to ship anything at all. Poor Valve. The sacrifice they had to make.

In the end, they recognize their mistakes, so should ya'll. Get over it. The game is now free to play, why on Earth would they even think of releasing it again for such a stubborn platform? Even if they did so, that version would be stale in a couple of months and people would start crying for content they don't receive that PC players do, without mentioning the money they would invest (waste) on re-releasing TF2 for consoles.
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