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Overlord 1 - Forge bug - Please help

Actually i'm not totally sure if it's bug or what but basically i can't decide what to forge or upgrade.

First of all i have Overlord with Rising Hell.

I have the Steel and the Durium Forge unlocked. My problem is simple, i can't choose what to forge or upgrade. I can choose between Steel and Durium but i can't choose if i want a Durium Armor or Helm, a Steel/Durium Sword or Mace or if i want a Durium Axe.

I can only forge Sword (tons of sword -.- ) and nothing else.

If i choose to upgrade the problem is basically the same. I can't choose what to upgrade. Not even the type (Steel or Durium). If i have the Durium Sword with me i can only upgrade the Steel Axe. If i have the Steel Axe with me i can the Steel Sword. If i have the Steel Sword i can upgrade the Durium Sword. WTF!

In my opinion is a bloody bug. I am right am I?

How to fix it? What's wrong with my game?

Please help me!

EDIT: I search everywhere but i found nothing but this: http://forums.steampowered.com/forum....php?t=1691690

But no one reply there. Please help me

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