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The best weapon is a simple iron hammer Played this game for more than 3 years and did not found anything more elegant and reliable.
But it's need to be understood that there is multiple martial styles in the game.
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Does the pick stick to people with hard enough hits like it does to the little practice wood in the hall?
If so, that's my new favorite weapon.
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I don't think so, cause the steel whip stick to the barrel, but not to enemies.

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Catch the "Black" (armour) that falls off of the fire demon in part XIII-III, after joining the emperor. You can then take off three of them, and they stay within a short distance to the next one. Use it to smash enemies, as four make a chain longer than most flails. Buggy and exploitive, but very fun (especially if you use it as your third weapon)
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Glad to see I'm not the only one with a lot of love for the Mesyazc - in my experience, best chain weapon by far. Got that with a ruby in it, as well as the topaz'd hammer from the guy you kill in the storyline. They spin at different rates, making it pretty easy to line up killer 1-2 hits. I can smash all the armor off an enemy within seconds, and then come in close to crush him with the hammer. Also gets me shattering blows and overkills like you wouldn't believe, so that I'm spending a lot of time in slow-mo.
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Wow... am I really the only one who LOVES using two flails at once?! I got to step 25 in the arena using two unlinked flails, niether of which had a ruby (fire topaz in one, small emerald in the other). A lot of guys in some of the other threads go on and on about how the later levels are next to impossible without a ruby, but my duel flails got the job done!
(Don't get me wrong, the higher arena battles were frustratingly difficult at times.)
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i mainly use the steel whip (holding a Bloody Ruby) and a light sword (holding a Ghostly Emerald)
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Iíve got two players, both at Arena stage 28 and quite similar in strength. Most of the time I play with a trackpad, it gives a slight different swinging style.

The first player got the Iron Hammer with the Tabar (unlinked). The Tabar is quite strong, so I put a small Ruby and a small Amethyst into it. The Amethyst is not so useful as thought, if a foe is dazzled I use it for not killing them. At the Hammer there is a Ghostly Emerald, I found it quite useful for sneaking through dynamite or such things, even though explosions still hurt you. Also the Hammer crushes easier the shields

As I was used to unlinked axes, hammers and swords, I wanted to get used to maces also. Of course I got the Colossus and put a Bloody Ruby into it. But I also took the Heavy Whip with a Ghostly Emerald into it. My decision for the Whip was mostly, because it can swing freely without hitting the Colossus. Later I found out, that if I swing only the Colossus (what is harder, because of the weight the Whip starts earlier to swing), it would not pass the Whip, whereas the Whip would pass the Colossus. Very embarassing, but possible to master. If you want to hit with the Colossus you either want to have more space or you use your Ghostly Emerald to ghost the Whip and to hit with the second swung. Besides that, the Whip needs less space to swing and is a bit more crushing.

ah, one last thing I wanted to say: I donít use my shields anymore. If they are firing unto you, stay away or get into their backs (recommended for dynamite) or even better, get other foes between them and you. And if something comes too close Iím always prepared to ghost.
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I personally use a bit of an odd combo by most peoples standards. I use a bloody ruby in a cleave hammer, linked to a high saian (if that's how you spell it) with an amethyst. My saian give me good control over an enemies health with being able to stab and stun, while the hammer gives me raw power and a bit of reckless control over my enemies with flinging them into walls and such. Before I got the amethyst I used a mortar attached to my hammer. It has a ridiculous amount of knock-back that gives me good control of enemies if I can hit them. In the desert arena, I missed with my first shot, knocked his weapon off when the mortar shot came back from travelling around the world.
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I use the Sword of Arjuna and Strife, linked, each with a large ruby and two small amethysts. I'm at stage 39 of arena with this loadout. It's not instantly easy to use linked weapons, but I now find it a lot better than the usual maces and such (and more fun, and it doesn't require me to swing the mouse around in giant circles). For grim mode, I use the 20-shot gun linked with some blade or other. It's really easy to shoot the heads off worms.
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Flail dull heavy blade, biggest hammer (2nd from middle?)
blade has amethest lvl2, hammer ruby/health lvl2.

Went crazy in arena spinning about and got this score...
Was my first test of a anti-machine/fighter build and so far I like it just because of the large score almost being cut off from the size.
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