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... also, I am curious what people think of this. I could see many more authors embracing the idea to use 'video game' engines to visualize their narrative world, while they still have the power to tell their tales. Walking around while NOT playing, is one of the things I liked to do since the very first FPS games. After emptying out the level, I was walking around and enjoying the visuals, the level architecture and design.

Dear Esther is a very niche special case of a no-game. I would not even allow the word "interactive" - because interaction should be more than just "walk-don'twalk-lookaround".

This could sell tons on devices like mobile phones or iPads (to completely different "consumers", the kind who read books instead 'playing videogames'), but the devs would have to port the Source-Engine to those - too hard right now?

Still, since it already sold over 16.000 copies in 24 hrs on Steam, according to the game devs - this is the second Dr. Feelgood story, after the Double Fine Millions. Way to go!
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Originally Posted by mes_gots_its View Post
I think that we need an entirely separate "Dear Esther" forum where we can properly discuss this awesome game.
Your wish has been granted. sm

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Originally Posted by Solarmech View Post
Awesome. I look forward to some actually intellectually stimulating conversations for once.

I would give you rep but apparently I gave you some recently. Thanks for the link anyways.
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