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Talking Zealot Gaming recruiting for a new division


Hello everyone! I'm Stickyelmo, a member of Zealot Gaming. We are an established, growing community that puts the emphasis on playing the game, having fun, and progressing through skill, teamwork, and dedication as reflected through our motto: Fidem. Integritate. Zelum..


Our motto, Fidem. Integritate. Zelum. was adopted to reflect the spirit and goals of our clan as explained below:

The first word, Fidem, is Latin for loyalty and fidelity. Zealot Gaming is a home for gamers who will not only be loyal to their game, but their clan and fellow clanmates. Fidem imparts a sense of honor and kinship to your fellow gamers within the clan that ensures a healthy environment where all members can learn, grow, and most importantly enjoy gaming.

Itegritate, Latin for integrity, is a core component of members in Zealot Gaming. The highest standard of behavior is expected of our members both in and out of game. With our strict no cheating policy, our members are expected to maintain good standing in all games they play as well as with their fellow clanmates and the gaming community as a whole. Maturity is a key component in this value, and something we expect to see in our members.

Finally, Zelum, Latin for zeal, the value which our clan has taken as its namesake, conveys passion, fervor, and desire. It inspires our members to be enthusiastic about gaming and the clan, to be diligent in their endeavors, and to allow their inner fires to shine through, acting as a beacon for fellow gamers to follow their shining example and to imitate their arduous spirit.


Zealot Gaming currently supports various PC titles including the following:
Team Fortress 2

Killing Floor

League of Legends (NA)

League of Legends (EU)

We have also begun an expansion into console, supporting both PS3 & Xbox 360.


We currently have a large League of Legends member base and are looking for any and all who wish to join, but more specifically seek avid, mature gamers. We do not discriminate based on skill, we only seek those who live our values as described in the motto. As long as you game by it, don't troll and don't rage then you will be welcomed with open arms. We do host function such as in-clan tournaments and contests, so forum participation is important to ensure you get all the info. Our members also comment on applications to ensure new members get a long with anyone, so if/when you become a member, continue to participate and ensure only quality gamers obtain membership in the clan!

Also note that due to COPPA Law, all applicants must be at least 13 years of age or older to apply. We prefer members over 15 years of age though will, on occasion and based on maturity, accept those of age 13-14.


Raging is a very real and sad part of gaming. Our clan has chosen to take a strong anti-raging policy. There will always be games that don't go well, and you cannot win them all. Do not feed troll players and fight back, never rage at your fellow clanmates, and do not use harsh language, especially racial slurs. Any use of these terms, just as they result in reporting by members in game, shall result in either reporting and warning within the clan, or an immediate ban depending on severity. So, in summary, follow Rule 2: Respect Your Clanmates. Do not rage and feed trolls, and do not use inappropriate language such as racial and sexual slurs.


Zealot Gaming also supports competitive play. Members are encouraged to play with others and discover who they play best with and form their own teams. All teams are considered "official teams" to ensure that everyone has an equal chance to join a team or start their own. We currently have 3 teams formed for our LoL NA and EU divisions as well as a team formed within the BF3 division. We area always looking to expand in other divisions as well.


We have a pretty nice website and forums (http://www.zealotgaming.com) and also have a private Mumble (VoIP service) server for the use of our clan members (which is often times better and easier than typing). We use xfire as our main method of communication (http://xfire.com), and all users are encouraged to use it.


As long as you remain active in game and on the boards there will never be an issue. However, after 1 month of inactivity you will be considered Missing in Action. After 2 months of being "MIA" you're account will be deleted and you will no longer be considered a member. We value active members over large-numbers and prefer a quality over quantity mentality.


The application process is quite easy and is listed below.

Register for an account, making sure your account name starts with "[zG]" at http://www.zealotgaming.com/forum/register.php.
Fill out an application at http://www.zealotgaming.com/forum/mi...?do=form&fid=2
Wait to be contacted or contact us.

All new members must register an account and submit an application. Those missing either will be denied and asked to submit both. New members undergo a probationary period during which all members may vote on your membership and vote to remove you from the clan if your attitude and behavior is poor. New members are also expected to fulfill general requirements to become full members and are given 1 month to do so.


Server IP: (If it is not up it means we're waiting for more recruits so money isn't wasted on no activity)

Thanks for your time,

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