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Exclamation Please Tell Me I Can Get An Old Cloud Save Back Or Something!

I have play this game for months, accumulating over 40 hours of playtime and unlocking so much. I was even playing last night, less than 12 hours ago. Today when I loaded up my game, EVERYTHING IS GONE!

It's like I've never played it before. ALL I can select is Isaac and I don't think any of my unlocked items are appearing.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me I can somehow reverse this!

Before anyone asks (because it seems everyone says this first) I only use one junk file cleaner, and that is CCleaner, and I do have it set to not mess with flash or steam and have NEVER had it erase anything from the Binding of Isaac. Also, i haven't run CCleaner in a few days.

What's more, as I stated above, I was playing this game less than 12 hours ago and have not run CCleaner, or any security scans, or anything like that, or even rebooted my computer since last playing, yet my game has still been reset! I have closed Steam and reopened it in this time span, but that's it.

I even tried delete "local content" with steam (uninstalling the game) and redownloading and installing it again but everything is still reset.

Please please please please please please please someone tell me I can get my unlocks that I have been working on for months back.

I am addicted to this game and can't stand the thought of starting over from scratch. *sobs*
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