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Alright heres a couple sugestions posted from my ipod touch:
1- let us see our and our friends' achievements
2- the ios problem where the app stops receiving messages when the screen is locked is really annoying. I dont know if this has been solved yet but it should be done as soon as possible.
3- in iOS sometimes the left pop up menu gets kinda bugged and i cant scroll down to settings. The table of options behaves as if the last option wasnt there and automatically scrolls up a bit as soon as you let go of it, hiding the settings button.
4 the friends menu should be changed so it only opens that friends profile when you tap on his picture on the left. It can be a bit annoying when wanting to open a chat window with a friend, one misses the chat buble icon and ends up opening a profile page. My sugestion is to remove the square button around the chat buble icon and just keep the buble there lit/unlit. Then change the app so that it will open chat with that friend if we tap anywhere on the horizontal bar where the friends name appears (except the profile picture, where it would open the profile of that person).

Thats all for now. The app seems really cool so far, thanks to valve for deciding to do this!

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