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Damn you game, you're too good.

Just completed the game, did everything as best as i could, as far as i can tell, 100% completed it, and now i'm sad to the point where i feel like locking myself in for a week.

This game was so good on so many levels, and i hated that it had to end. It's been a long time that completing any game made me feel like this, so hats off to you liz/carpe for releasing this gem

On an unrelated note... I don't get a few things.

Read at your own risk, spoiler heavy.

When finding the former headmaster and finding out there's 4 unique stones, 2 of which being held by Arche and Stella, the group mentions finding all 4... Does this mean a sequel is coming?

The road to Scotsholm is closed off to everyone without travel papers... is there any way at all to go there?

The 3 "secret" tomes found in the 3 smaller towns... are they actually usable at some point? I've tried everything, talked to everyone and i can't figure out if they're just teaser items or actually contributing to skills / characters... (mainly because there's exactly 3 of such books. 1 referring to swordsman secrets, 2 referring to magical secrets. Just so happens theres 1 swordswoman and 2 mages...)

Is there some info on whether chiffon actually gets his memory back ?

In the bonus menu, under versus, there's no way to select level 23 for any character, even after completing the game. Is there any way to do this or is this intended ?

Comparing the Deluxe to this edition, will there ever be any of the features that are in the deluxe version ? (Full voice acting, dungeon challenge mode, etc)

Again, this game was brilliant in my opinion, and now there's a hole in my soul because it's done... If anyone has any recommendations for games similar to this, or genre wise similar (think Tales of Phantasia / any good metroidvania) then please suggest it here.

Also, to those that haven't finished the game yet, enjoy it to the fullest
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Well, well, well, a kindred spirit. I liked it too. Every slushy moment...Sana can't make friends, Stella lost her mom...


Every hard sword fight...curse you Selene!

Every "Can I help out Dad" shop quest...no, I still didn't find the white iron ore yet...

Last game that made me feel this...empty...after finishing it was Planescape Torment...or Grim Fandango...and I've been analysing why, because PT and GF have SO much more depth to them...

...and I think it's the actual "feel" of the game...it's old fashioned and clunky, and I think that awakens something inside me...memories of Jet Set Willy, or Dropzone on the Commodore 64. So it's not the awesome storyline ('cos to be honest, it's not that great), it's just nostalgia...

...and you know what? I like it.
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After beating the game, I started over. In the new game, the secret tomes contain higher level skills.
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And now, thanks to you I have to play it all over again. If you're winding me up I'm going to hunt you down, smear you in fishpaste and throw you to the cats.
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I have level 23 in the bonus menu, but also I played a bit after completing the game to get to level 23.

I was wondering if there was anything different on higher difficulty levels as well (I did it on "normal")
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..and...not entirely sure...but I don't think the two higher difficulties (Expert and Nightmare) were available first time around...? Currently on Nightmare to see if there's anything extra for finishing it.

Oh and he's not fibbing about the books...

...and, now that I am reminded by the restart...whatever did Arche do with the second stone tablet?
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