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Unhappy Steam games not working!

For some reason when I try to play Super Meat Boy without internet it goes to the screen after the screen of the controller and then never loads, just a small loading circle at the bottom of the screen. If anyone knows a solution to why it wont load up without internet or a solution it would be great help! I would like to play it offline but it never loads! Only when I have internet can I play.
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Dark Tenshi
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Same thing. I always play online but month ago try launch SMB with steam in offline mode. Nothing happens.
Also SMB sometimes crash on launch and show something like "could not connected to server" (not popup window).
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I've been experiencing this bug, too. My guess would be that the game is trying to connect to the "super meat world"-servers or something like that. Kinda annoying....would be awesome if that got fixed, but do the devs look into these forums?
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