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some gmod problems

hello all i have some problems with my gmod

problem 1 is that the weapons of my wac mod won't zoom in
or first person death view won't work anymore (tried to reinstall the wac mod didnt help, everything still works but only the weapons and death view not)

some wierd thing that shows up in my wire mod while starting my game

[WAC] Loading autorun/wac_loader.lua, Version 90
[WAC] Loading WAC/shared/d_lib.lua
[WAC] Loading WAC/shared/e_healthmod.lua
[WAC] Loading WAC/shared/e_helicopter.lua
[WAC] Loading WAC/shared/e_ini_parser.lua
[WAC] Loading WAC/shared/e_spawnmod.lua
[WAC] Loading WAC/shared/e_walkmod.lua
[WAC] Loading WAC/shared/e_weapons.lua
[WAC] Loading WAC/client/d_keyboard.lua
[WAC] Loading WAC/client/e_advbuild.lua
[WAC] Loading WAC/client/e_clbullet.lua
[WAC] Loading WAC/client/e_helicopter.lua
[WAC] Loading WAC/client/e_helicopter_help.lua
[WAC] Loading WAC/client/e_keypanel.lua
[WAC] Loading WAC/client/e_menu_deathmod.lua
[WAC] Loading WAC/client/e_menu_dmgsys.lua
[WAC] Loading WAC/client/e_menu_healthmod.lua
[WAC] Loading WAC/client/e_menu_helicopter.lua
[WAC] Loading WAC/client/e_menu_misc.lua
[WAC] Loading WAC/client/e_menu_walkmod.lua
[WAC] Loading WAC/client/e_menu_weapons.lua
[WAC] Loading WAC/client/e_pldeath.lua
[WAC] Loading WAC/client/e_podcam.lua
[WAC] Loading WAC/client/e_seatswitch.lua
[WAC] Loading WAC/client/e_speedblur.lua
[WAC] Loading WAC/client/e_tbfhud.lua
[WAC] Loading WAC/client/e_view.lua
WireMod Installed. Version: 2529 (EXPORTED)
ERROR! Module 'zlib_b64' not found!
Sending 969 'User Info' ConVars to server (cl_spewuserinfoconvars to see)
Scanning for downloaded fonts..
Redownloading all lightmaps
Server cvar 'sv_tags' changed to VCMod&MCMV,wac,wac_90,wireexported2528

dunno what this all means maby the problems can be taken out here or something.

my second problem is since i installed this car pack


i dont know or the problem of the wac weapons are also from this one becuse my brother got the cars and the wac pack and they still work normally. also i updated my advance dupe and wire mod
he did so to and for me it still not works, and he can play without problems.

my other snpc liberty prime gives me this error
for my brother its the same with this one
the error says:

Hook 'SLV_InitNPCSandbox' Failed: [addons\liberty prime\lua\entities\npc_libertyprime\init.lua:61] attempt to call method 'GetSquad' (a nil value)

can someone pls tell me how to fix this
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this seems too advanced for me but check the folders where you placed them, and if you have css or cs ...sorry not much help
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Originally Posted by xblackcarbon13x View Post
this seems too advanced for me but check the folders where you placed them, and if you have css or cs ...sorry not much help
thanks for the comment anyway
yeah i have chekked them.
The snpc of the liberty prime works with slv base, the messages i posted are from the wiremod consule, (wiremod and tortoise svn or something the same programm i used to install the car mod and the wac) but after the car mod my liberty prime snpc
this one didn't work anymore.

My running animation aming and death view with the wac mod
also doesn't work anymore. But flying the helicopters and every other thing of it works fine dunno why, maby becuse my brother downloaded a nyan cat weapon in the toybox can that cause issues?
After that i deleted my toybox but still no succes. I also tried to fix my snpc liberty prime by pasting it again in the garrymod folder and addons by overwriting some files still no luck. removing the wac mod and reinstall it doesn't fix the running/aming and death view animation either.

the wac pack used for tortoise svn

this one uses for the car mods

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yeah fixed my liberty prime issue by doing this

download slv base again open the map
go to addons in the slvbase copy and paste everything from there in the
garrys mod folder C:\SteamApps\ursteamname\garrysmod\garrysmod (not in the addons)
then click on back in ur rar map then copy particles maps lua data also in the same map
and then overwrite that fixed it for me =-)
but now im still haveing problems with the wac mod,
anyone knows how to get the view running animation and death view normal?
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