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Porting Skyrim models to Source?

Is there any easy way to accomplish this without having to be an experienced modeller? I'm trying to import a few models used in Skyrim to Source format.

Skyrim uses these file types for models;

.nif files for meshes
.dds files for textures (easily ported with VTFEdit, though I'm not sure how to apply them exactly)
.hkx files for animations

That's all I could find in my directory related to models. Any help? I found someone who translated a whole bunch of Argonian models and a dragon to Garry's Mod, so it has to be possible.
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The best thing to do is see if there's some sort of .nif/.hkx importer for some 3D modeling program and then exporting them from there. That's what I did to get BioShock's models into Source. Failing that, you could always just try to get ahold of that guy who already figured it out and ask them.
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Someone should write that up on the Source SDK wiki.
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