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9th Company: Roots of Terror Mod

I have hit a wall in my modding effort so I will release to the public the beta of the Real Combat Mod. I have found mod tools for the same engine at http://pacificstorm.net/files/mods/ModTools.zip I can not currently get these to work but maybe someone can figure out how to un-binary the XML files in order to edit the majority of the game. I don't remember if I unpacked the data.pak file so if you do not have these files in your game directory then just google a .pak extractor and replace the default files (and make a backup of the originals) with the files in my download.

Mod Changes-
1. Units dismount vehicles and run further and more random to simulate taking fire while dismounting. I got frustrated when an RPG was flying towards a vic with soldiers on it and they dismount lazily only to be killed by the explosion.
2. Medics heal at a greater range. This makes the animation awkward as they execute it at a greater distance but it actually makes them do their job and heal the wounded so a fare trade off to me.
3. Editor is enabled by clicking continue from the main menu. Currently does not work but maybe someone can figure it out.
4. Units increase weapons proficiency almost automatically to show the historical difference in training between a professional military and the untrained Mujahadeen.
5. All missions are available on the campaign menu from the beginning to facilitate broken save games.
6. Loading screens now play clips from the movie.
7. Other stuff I modded some time ago and don't recall.

This is a work in progress and I would definitely like assistance in this modding effort. Recommendations are welcome but the ability to mod this game right now is very limited. You can easily open up any of these files with notepad and change the values as you like.

Download- http://www.uploading.to/gr68qq9rwpep

Extract all files in the download to C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\9th company\Data

Like I said above you may need a .pak extractor to get to this folder.

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