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current play-through i'm using only the 6p9 and the flamethrower on hardcore. never really used the flamethrower before but let me tell you what; it's fun as heck. awesome against those pesky assault trucks that roll up on you when you're travelling. also when you get flanked up close and have to run, just light up everything around you and listen to the bad guys go "woo ow ow ow ow ow." lol
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if yours has the Fortune DLC, then I recommend switching the RPG with the explosive crossbow. been using it since early in the game, felt so badass
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I like going pyromanaic and running around with that flare pistol, its just a fun little thing to shoot miniature suns at everyone and watch the world burn.

Mortars I tried to use but there was never a really practical use for it, and even for fun there was very few situations where you could get anything out of them, but that seems to be inherent within FPSs. Battlefield 3 probably has the most practical firing system for mortars, but to make it fair, they were also made as damaging as just chucking rocks at people.
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I´m currently using silenced 6P9, USAS 12, M-249 SAW. Pretty good all-around loadout.

As for snipers go I really like Springfield and AS50.
Springfield just feels like real sniper maybe the best sniper I´ve seen in videogames.
AS50 whats not to like blowing enemy down from huge distance with loud "BOOM".

One pretty fun loadout is 6P9, silenced shotgun, and dart rifle. Especially when sneaking around in night-time clearing camps.

I also have to try the mortar. Seems to be very fun weapon when you get hang of it, raining explosives shells from distance and then picking rest of enemies with whatever you have in your arsenal.
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