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Marriage and Chancellor for girls

Is there any reason my sons wife who have 27 diplo skill can't become chancellor?

The reason i married her was she got super good skill

Also, what use is daughters other then to marry for alliance?
They leave for a different court when married! whats the use?

Maybe if you can sneak in the "kids belong to my dynasty" and hope they get a son in some line of succession? Is that about it?
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Women cannot hold political office, unless they are a Liege or Regent.
Or married to one, and then only as Spymaster.

Remember, equal rights, did not exist back then.
The law granting same rights to women as men only applies to title inheritances. They still cannot rule. Unless they are the regent over a child under 16 years old, or the holder of a title through equal inheritance laws. But they can NEVER be a Bishop, Mayor, Baron, or Council member(except spymaster). Never ever ever.

If theres one you like the stats of, make sure she marries an heir. The heir will gain 50% of her ability scores.

Daughters are objects for political gain. You pretty much summed it up. Females back then were to be traded, like baseball cards, for political favors. They were a breeding machine towards inheriting titles. Just a glorified county fair milk cow. Just the way it was back then.

However, there is 1 way to keep her in your court through marriage.
Matrilineal marriage. Through diplomacy(on her), a matrilineal marriage will be a marriage where the lineage claims follow the female side of the marriage. All titles and children, become part of the female families Dynasty. So through that marriage, she remains in your court, and the husband comes to you. And all children and inherited titles from the husband, go to the children, who are part of your dynasty.

Its not a very popular form of marriage, and usually only happens if your daughter marries down. Beneath her station. You will probably never get someone with high status, like a Prince of France or something. But you could get a husband with good stats, and maybe a claim to a title on a city somewhere, claim to being mayor. This will give you de jure.

So what your looking for, if you want to keep the daughter, is matrilineal marriage. dont use the double wedding rings quick link on her profile. Use diplomacy on her.

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I'm currently playing a women-heavy game, and I have noted that it's pretty hard to find anyone willing to agree to a matriliniear marriage (kids are woman's dynasty). Sometimes you have to marry down. And sometimes you get female relatives you don't want anything to do with, and you look for someone to inflict them upon with a regular marriage. (which is far easier to do)

As far as I can tell, women aren't allowed to perform most jobs in CKII. The one non-ruler exception is Spymaster, and only if they are the wife of the ruler. A ruler's wife does contribute to the kingdom/duchy/county total diplomacy, she adds half of her diplomacy stat to her husband's. Not sure if this happens for the other stats, though.

Oh, and women can be rulers if chosen under an Agnatic-Cognatic Elective system. It's how I can keep getting women on the throne, though it does take some wrangling to get the votes.

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Female children are pretty much only for alliances. In the end, most are a liability. The great alliance you get from your daughter's marriage today, can end up with her sons army knocking on your door to claim his cousin's (you now) throne in a generation.

Marry carefully.
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