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Master server list. Also, Happy 10th Anniversary RTCW!

It's not working. Are there any servers up still? Tell me this isn't so.
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Agree, happy 10th RTCW

RTCW in my opinion maybe the best game ever written and still test the sands of time by still looking good even by today's standards. Would love to see this master piece done in HD like Serious Sam's first two.
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Still see lots of games listed
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To KaOs.

Apparently the game company responsible for supporting the master server dropped support and their responsibilty to keep the master server up and running.

That doesnt mean there are no game servers anymore. You just cant find them because their is no master server to point you in the right direction (the server list).

What you can do is download a program like all seeing eye. select the game u have in that program and scan for servers whit all seeing eye. So that way you can find youre servers that normaly should be in the game server list.

I also think its not fair to sell those games in steam store and not giving buyers a heads up that basicly these games are not a 100% supported anymore. If you buy RTCW on steam they advertise Single AND MULTIPLAYER. And if you dont have the know how youre never gonne get to play a multiplayer game

a good link for checking out servers.

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We have a 32 slot server online, running all the stock maps. Its updated to the latest 1.4, so be sure you have the latest. Also, running the shrub mod.

Server is at just open your console and type


I have it running off our box, and can easily up the slots if ever it came to that.
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