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Braid is gona get my mind blow

hello, as a good gamer i bought braid...
well, i this my mind is in space! i dont feel it
braid is a very strange puzzle game. in every new world something new happens. i have 1-2 pieces in every world. i just cant
i dont know why but i think i need something more to take them. something i dont have.
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Yeah .
If you aren't intelligent like me,this game just doesn't connect.

WEll I suppose if your brain can't work out puzzles.

THat part of my brain must be completely cut out because any puzzle game,I'm totally useless at.

I sometimes wonder if I have some form of autism because I find it hard to read stuff in games and know what the story line is.

I went to the doctor for medication but that was worse.

I really don't know why 90 percent of the world gets these games and I don't.

Makes me so depressed.

I think it's me just getting old and not having that youthful spark to get through a game anymore.
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It's not just you. I'd compare Braid's story's ability to be comprehended in its entirety to that of Final Fantasy Tactics (for different reasons), but a bit harder. I grasped basically all of FFT by my second playthrough. Braid is far more existential, and has many layers of meaning, so it keeps having more to offer me.

I think it just depends on what "lens" you use to look at the story. Dozens work, but if you just stick to one, it'll probably be a lot easier to understand, at least for that lens.
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