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How does upgrading work in Score Attack?

Can you fully upgrade all of the weapons? Are there enough upgrade items around? Seemed like it would be a waste to have a mode where you can replay levels, but can't finish all of the weapons.
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You can find (or buy) the same items as in the other game modes, because the levels are equal, only with a score and replayable. So there shouldn't be a problem upgrading all weapons if u want to.

It was my third playthrough and I only wanted to finish the dream-levels (and 1mio points) so I only upgraded the weapons I really played with. Most items could be bought in the shop, some were prices on the training grounds.
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Having just finished Score attack myself you can upgrade every weapon to level 5, but as slazer2k5 said just stick with the ones you need unless your after Man-at-Arms of course.
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