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RTW prologue campaign

Oddly, this tutorial campaign seems extremely challenging/impossible.

On my first multiple tries, I went bankrupt very quickly despite not really doing anything wrong or over-purchasing armies.

Latest game, to my surprise I steamrolled the map, had plenty of cash and basically 'won' very swiftly - but my popularity with the masses was much too low to assault Rome.

Very odd campaign? I'm interested in hearing if your experience has been the same and whether you have any tips for raising popularity with the masses other than succesful conquests (ie, I don't know whether holding games or lowering taxes help popularity? Anything else?)

Thanks in advance and keep on Romeing!
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Not sure what makes your popularity with ze people to be honest. I'd imagine you could look it up somewhere, probably the forums over at forums.totalwar.com.

Might be worth noting that I've always had ridiculous levels of popularity with the people fairly early on, and then constantly from then on. I tend to have low taxes n tonnes of games/races EVERYWHERE. So maybe that helps?

Senate always hates me and has me make my faction leader kill himself, so taking Rome at some silly mid-game point has become an obsession :P
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