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$9.99...$2.50...Neither is dumb IF the game is good...

So, is it good, great, mediocre, dull, boring...?

Those who have played it...is it fun, funny, interesting, or somewhat of each and/or all of the above?

I skimmed through the reviews at Metacritic and it looks as though it's relatively funny, possibly drawn out in parts, but well worth a measly $2.50 (one review couldn't recommend it for the 30 quid the game cost at the time of said review, but I'd bet he'd say give it a shot at the current daily deal price).

Hell, it's $2.50, going to find out for myself. Feel free to post your thoughts anyway!
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Metacritic says it has a 8.8 in userreviews.
That's basically a nine, so it should be well worth the money if you're into the thing.

Maybe I'll buy it as well untill tomorrow, but it's a german game, and I don't see german as language listed? (I want to play the original if it's english / german)
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