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Question Tips for british?

I've been playing American a lot and I was thinking I would like to try the brits, any tips?
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Don't try to play them as if they were the Americans :P

Slightly more seriously, you need to be a bit more methodical, and you also need to remember to use emplacements here and there, but not to rely on them too much either, it's a bit of a balance.
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usually when you see people playing brits, is first defend like crazy , then take ur time to buildup to the arty spam or tank rush.

or they will take a point asap with the command truck in the start of the game, and then try to spam early game units, trying to disrupt the buildup of the enemey team.

i once saw a guy using brit commandos like crazy, placing traps here and there, and beeing evrywhere invisible on the map
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Some tips I've picked up as playing Brits. These are just some that popped into my head.

1, Keep your officers alive. They are your backbone to any game. If possible Stack your officers, Infantry can have up to 3 lieutenants.
2, Build causality clearing stations. They can heal and pick up the wounded.
3, Don't forget to relocate your trucks. They increase the rates of your sectors.
4, Stationary arty(25lb) with the artillery doctrine will double their effective range, and reduce their cool down time to 90sec.
5, When using your commando set up your triangular beacons early, It's only 1 command point.
6, You can always split your Lt, and squad to cap two different points.
7, Use a Bren carrier for an early defense against armored cars
8, Firefly tanks operate as tank snipers. They have a penalty for being close, and buff for extra range.
9, Don't get pinned down by relying on your defense. Remember to push.
10, Cromwell tanks have flanking speed for a reason.
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