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Initial Impressions

Just got Gemini Rue after wanting it for so long (but never remembering the name).

Funny how I remembered, I was in a chat with someone discussing Beneath a Steel Sky, and saying there should be more games like that, Flashback, and more games with settings like Blade Runner. They showed me this.

I was already a fan of Blackwell, and I almost jumped for joy when I found out this was the game I had been looking for.

Anyways, after an hour and 20 minutes of playtime, I can say graphical glitches and some scene transition problems aside, this game exceeds my expectations and sets the bar for future retro adventure games.

First off, the story has me guessing, especially on the Delta-6 side. The Azriel side reminds me of Blade Runner, and the rain and music makes it even more so. Having to actually investigate around and manually use things like the location devices and the communicator to contact people helps with the immersion.

Combat is good, but only in short bursts. It helps as a change of pace, but I'm afraid there may be more of it than I like. It is good, gives a sense of action, but it isn't that dynamic. Basically just sit behind cover, wait for them to finish shooting, then come out and aim. Only hard part is timing the breath control for when they come out.

The part that basically made me smile is the ability to control the shift between the characters. It is something I was not expecting, and is actually well done. There were a few areas I encountered as Azriel where I should have been able to shift, but couldn't (like the back alley next to the store). Either it is a glitch, or I'm not far enough in the game to know that is serves a purpose.

All in all, another great game from Wadjet Eye. Based on everything I have seen so far, this game may keep me hooked until the end. The plot has me guessing and wondering, and that is usually a sign that I will stick through to see what happens.
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Thumbs up My impression

I decided to purchase this game based on the Aggie Awards published by adventuregamers.com and was not disappointed. The story and puzzles were solid. I never felt like the puzzle solutions were unreasonable or absurd. The graphics and animation were excellent, but not quite as polished as Blade Runner or The Longest Journey. I enjoyed the combat element, but I was also happy to see that there was an easy setting so that my progression wasn't hindered when I made mistakes. I am very appreciative of the game authors who continue to make games of this type, but I request that they step-it-up and create the graphics so that they look better on modern, high-res, widescreen monitors.

I definitely recommend this purchase to anyone who was a fan of the Sierra type adventure games.
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This game reminded me of my favourite Babylon 5 Episode (Charles Dexter) which in turn reminded me of my favourite Lovecraft story... Good work 'JBurger' et al.
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