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New Uchronic Mod Pack + ToW Mods Links

In an effort to consolidate all the ToW files I've posted in one place I have added all my Mod thread URLs to this post. Hopefully this will help people find stuff

Uchronic Mod 2.2c (Links to BFC thread)
Mod for ToW1. Continuing the theme of an alternate history with custom built French units.
Includes the full original Allied Campaign & some individual scenarios modded with some interesting hybrid vehicles & troops, with a unique set of strengths & weaknesses.
Download Mirror 42.88mb

The Uchronic Mod 2.0 must be installed first.

New units :
Jeep Latil with MG
Bunker 47mm
Mathilda 76.2mm CS (UK)
Carro armato l6 40
Carro armato m13 40
Carro armato m15 42

New uchronic units :
Somua S40 AA (25mm)
B2 bis
B2 ter
French Sherman 75mm schneider
French M10 90mm schneider

New french infantry :
Corps francs (commando infantry)
AT detachment (1944), with bazooka

A lot of missions :
Campaign :
The allied campaign, US and UK units are replaced by french units

single missions :
"UCDG Dogs and Cats"
UCDG Tank Battles (adapted from tank battles)
3 simple missions against Italian tanks
Mission UC_Sud_01
Mission UC_Sud_02
Mission UC_Sud_03

multiplayer missions
8 Multiplayer missions (for V2.0)
You can test them as single player mission, just choose computer as opponent

A new feature :
For the new "allied" campaign, reinforcements appear as blocked units. You can select the crew for these units. You can also have other reinforcements during the mission.


Mod Enabler -

JSGME Generic Mod Enabler version 2.6.0
JSGME Mirror
Makes it easy to install/uninstall mods in ToW - extract the zip into the game dir.
Extract the req'd mod zip(s) into the 'MODS' folder.
Run JSGME.exe
All mods will then appear in the mod handler.

Works with many games.
This will allow you to add & roll-back any mod easily.

Low FPS fix?
This worked for me when I upgraded my rig.
See also this thread over at the Process Lasso forum.

ToW 1

Bulldogs Campaign + JSH 1.3.5

Theatre of War - MegaMod Pack

JSH 1.3.1 mod for Theatre of War

ToW Strategy Guide

ToW2 Africa

ToW2 Africa BALANCE MOD ver.1.5.2

El Guettar scenario

ToW2 Kursk+Caen

Almost Eastern Wind - ToW2 Kursk+Caen Mod

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Thank you
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