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Originally Posted by franklin01 View Post
Hi there,
Tried this achievement but still failing.

A few questions also:

1. Can ally do damages? Some guys said that you only need to hit clones then if they die all 3 whatever you killed them or not you got it...

2. If heavy gun drone kills a clone does it count for it? As it count as one of your kill for stats...

3. The 5 sec starts running as soon as you fire or as soon as one clone dies?

4. The 5 sec is between kills or just after the first kill? For example, I kill one, then i got 5 sec to kill another one and 5 sec again for the last one / or I kill one and got 5 sec to kill the 2 remaining?

5. If for some reason a clone dies and get revived by another clone can i still achieve it?

Hope I can help you and you can help me.

This is one of the hardest achievement to get IMO.
1. Allies can damage, you need the killing blow.

2. Drones count as you killing yes.

3. As soon as the first clone dies.

4. 5 seconds total, not 5 second between kills.

5. This is a good question.. I'd assume it might still work, so long as you re-kill it and the others within the applicable timeframe.

Consider finding a friend or allied tau commander with the heavy armor and cooled systems wargear--with that, he can chain-stun all 3 clones, keeping them frozen in place for as long as you need them, provided he hits all 3 at the start o the wave.

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Thanks a lot, i ll keep trying but space marines are damn hard to kill, i think i need low armor partners.
Also i ll go back to dual plasma riffle as it does more damages and with mines i should be able to kill the clone before it kills me.

Dunno if i should use skyray, damages are quite low and even if all 3 clones are marked and very close to eachothers it wont be enough...

This is hard but i ll get it one day.

quick question about mods, i saw some last stand mods, can we unlock achievement while using mods or not?

Does anybody got this achievement since last patch (about a week ago)?

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I got this achievement today.

First off i would like to explaine my frustration for this horrible achievement. I feel really bad for asking 20 ppl to aid me and they get nothing back for it, it makes me feel very selfish and ego, not the slighest mutual. They have to wear certain gear, i need to interrupt their playing beacuse im dependant on the two others in the team.

Now how to beat this, the tip from post 22 was the best imo, to make some smaler changes and adds, imo its all about stun. I used the tau spec most ppl recommend here:

-dual plasma rifle, armored or command suit, aam, coolant injectors, targeting cluster and marker drone.

Slow (snare mines) is pretty useless imo as stun is more important, and take the targeting cluster for secure dmg insteed (when it counts).

1.First you should get rank 20 imo for marker drone which is energy cheap and adds some extra dmg (when it counts).

2.Then you get a team with stun and/or low armor/hp. Tyrant got seismic roar (stun), sm bolter (blind grenade (instant hit on when greande lands)), eldar got conceal, confuse and mass confuse. Ork dosnt have that usefull wargear to aid with imo. Then we have the tau with armored suit, dont be afraid of it, it works good.

3.the setup, well you need to make a good mix of these tools you got of persons, you need alot of patience, it took me 3 days/20h of tries. To motivate random ppl to help you to get something which they get nothing from can be tough aso.. In general, sm with bolter + dread can be enough. Stun is very important.

4. How to do it, on wave 15, leave some nobs, let ur team get in place, jump around or whoever can kite and get in place, let ur team be in front and take dmg for u, try to get A stun off ASAP when clones spawn, the team should have the stun ability "pushed" n just be able to mark n click for it to go off. As your team mates are in front u can jump in with heavy jet and keep jump on the most "fearsome" person with highest dmg or most dangerous abilities in order to keep the clones almost perma stunned. Keep jumping back n forth, take them down equally to 50-20% hp, finish of with aam and dual plasmas, and have some luck.


In general most have been said in this topic already on how to do it, post 22 was very good, just bring it all together, it dosnt have to be extreme to like go without armor or so, but stun and to take them down to 50-20% hp is the most important imo.

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Can two people please help me with this one? I really want the wargear for the Tau, but I can't get two people together who are good enough or are willing to help.

I would return the favor of course if you want to have the wargear as well.

Help is much appreciated. Please reply or send me a pn
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Hi evil_dobermann, i am willing to help as i need this achievement too. Add me on Steam, my profile name is <Waste>
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Hi everyone! I'm looking for 2 people to do this achievement. My steam profile name - yami_pl
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