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Garrett Togril
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Arrow Left 4 Honor

World War II

Fictive ending of the greatest war when German released the cruel biological weapon (V7 Gas).

What's this about:
L4D Total Modification from MoH:AA fans
Left 4 Dead Exclusive Mod

4 new Specials of Special Infected (Special Boomer, Special Hunter etc.)
4 new Gamemodes as alternatives to classics (Explore/Singleplayer, RPG/Coop, Task/Survival, Kontra/Versus)
4 new Survivors (customizable Survivor types - members of special force behind enemy lines)
4 new Enemies (survived German units responsible for An.Gas releasing)

The story of Left 4 Honor game is based on novel storyline. The Novell The Night was dark will be available online after beta releasing. Player get parts of this novel with his game progress.

Act 01) Stop the Rocket
1. Torla
2. To the Deep
3. Road to Airfield
4. Give me the Plane
5. V2 Rocket Facility

Act 02) Saboting the Kriegsmarine
1. We go North
2. Dock Survey
3. Inside the Docks
4. U-Boat
5. The Zeppelin

Act 03) Ice-cold Nothing
1. Mountain in the Sea
2. Iceberg Tip
3. Reaching the bottom
4. Traced to the Moon
5. Road to Antartica

There is group of 9 (3×3) campaings in development. The first 3 (noted above) are F2P with Novel Parts online.

Main Features:


Open world terrain based on real elevation data (Level Area 40×40 km)
Ambience focused environment with 4 & more possible ways to progress
Customizable Weapons / Inventory System with real visibility to players

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Thumbs up Finally...

The Night was dark
Neverending Rain
The Dawn's far

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Myself =P
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Any news? Beta?

This sounds one of those awesome project that sadly are too ambitious and ends up dying before seeing the light of the day
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Any news about this?
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Exclamation beta soon

Originally Posted by AGRESSOR View Post
Any news about this?
Truth is This game is dead (how poetic) like these Forums. But don't despair - This mod is still alive. After almost 10 years of development desicion was made: Due the nature of the game (uniqueness of every moment) it has to be rebiuld to real world terrain because the tunnel nature of all official maps (even with random paths system) almost killed this revolutionary game.


See update of the Thread...
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