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Gothic 2 won't start

When i click play nothing happens. Honestly thats all that happens i don't know what else to say.
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same for me it says i'm playing but it won't start
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Try this: launch Gothic 2 from Steam and bring up the Task Manager. If you look at the processes tab, you should see two new ones come up: Gothic2.exe and a rundll.exe, or something like that. Select the rundll and end the process, and you should find that Gothic 2 will suddenly start up.

If that doesn't readily solve it, try launching Gothic 2 twice so that you have two Gothic2.exe processes. Wait a few moments, and then end the rundll process. That should kill one of the extra Gothic2.exes and make the other one launch.

I had a similar problem when I was running Gothic 2 on Vista 64-bit, and that fixed the problem for me. I imagine it's the same problem in Windows 7 with the same solution. Otherwise, google "Gothic 2 rundll" and you'll get a bunch of hits for it.
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Thanks a lot. I had the same problem and this worked.
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