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Hello everybody!=) I need some help. I'm from Ukraine.
I am interested in this question,it's about setmasters
Please Explain me,setmasters now are works?
If yes,so can you tell me please working setmasters

Next question ,about cs monitoring , like this __http://cs-servera.net/ (not an advertising)
Master from there told me how it works,but I could not understand.He tell me,that he has himself setmaster,whom added all payment servers to global searching.So can I anywhere take setmaster like him,or this's a joke?

p.s maybe my english not well so sorry.I hope all my mind will be understend for you))
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setting master servers is simply to make sure they get listed on the server list.

As for stats tracking it depends on what stats system you are using and how they need to get the data.

For the basic master server setup its just a line in the server.cfg file.

setmaster add
setmaster add
setmaster add
setmaster add
As for stats tracking they might need to have a logaddress added and that would look like this.

Hope that helps you understand better.
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