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Starting your kingdom

I currently started playing again using the floris mod pack 2.5 (It's great), and I realized I've never actually managed to really get my own faction up and running before.

I did capture a castle once, but I was forced to camp it as I had no lords at my disposal. So in the end I lost it as I couldn't really replenish my army. (Also, it was on the edge of two faction who did not like me very much. Bad move )

So this time I wanted to do it right. If anyone with some experience would share their tactics on how their situation usually is before trying to start their own faction, that would be great.

I'm currently in liege with the Vaegris and I'm trying to build up my army, right to rule and relationships with the lords. One of my friends said that about 10 affection would be required to make them interested but as far as I can tell, none of them are. I got between 10 and 16 affection on about 5 lords.

What level of affection is usually required? (I know some of the lords usually dislike the king and should be easier to convince? But I guess I should be able to convince the ones who support him too)
How much right to rule should I have?

All tips are greatly appreciated
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First of all you should have a good foundation to start a kingdom. Level up yourself, find good equipment, safe some money, rise your right ro rule (50 or more will be good for the beginning), train really good army.

Having good relations with lords is very important if you want to have some vassals. In order to persuade them easy you should look for lords without any lands and lords who have debauched or normal character. There are also honourable ones, but it's hard to convince them even with 100 relation. However they are the most reliable ones as they are much less unlikely to defect.
Tip: rising your honour level will increase your relation with honourable lords.

If you do all of this starting a new kingdom will be much easier
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Become a vassal with a faction. Over time, as your reknown and relations with lords grows, you'll be asked to be marshall. Whatever towns and castles you capture (as long as you don't have too many already or high controversy) will be given to you if you ask.

Now stockpile troops in one or two places. No need to overdo it, 1000 high quality troops is more than enough to conquer the entire map.

It is very difficult to get good, honorable lords to come to your side in Floris Mod Pack 3.5. That's because honorable lords won't betray their liege (which is why you'd want them). Fortunately you can just make your companions into lords. Recruit the ones you don't have in your party and then ask them if they'd like a fief. Watch out, some are dishonorable too, but even dishonorable lords can be managed, they'll just be offended if you ever give a fief to someone else no matter how many they already have. If you give a fief to someone who is not of noble birth, some lords will be offended and you'll get a -4 or so relation with them next time you speak with them. Not that big of a deal. The game is very easy, I think too easy once you successfully establish your own kingdom.

Enjoy, Floris Mod Pack 3.5 is one of the best ones around. If you'd like a greater challenge, try Prophecy of Pendor, it's my favorite mod.
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Thank you for replying


You say I should strive to become marshall, and then claim as many towns / castles as possible.
I should then stockpile troops (Do I have to pay wages for troops stationed at castles and cities?). However, If i were to renounce my aliegience to the faction I'm a vassal of, would I not lose all my fiefs, stationed troops included?
Or were you implying I stay in the faction and work my way through the map while still being allied with them?
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It is not necessary to get every single castle and town while Marshall. In fact, there's a formula that prevents you from being given anymore than a few towns/castles/villages. I forgot the exact formula, but it's something like 3/2/1 (town/castle/village) and you can't have more than 6 points. Once you're over, your liege will say that you have enough properties and will deny your request which will give you the option to rebel. You can stay loyal and rebel later by taking another town/castle and again asking. If you're female, you can rebel at anytime by talking to your husband and choosing one of the dialogue options.

You only need one castle/town in order to stockpile. You are right, you do need to pay wages which is why you should also stockpile money ahead of time . There is no way your town, even with surrounding villages, will be able to support 1000 high tier troops. It is vital that you have a great deal of money in your treasury before you become your own king. As you can see, it takes planning for success.

The AI calculates where to attack based on pure numbers, therefore you don't need to stockpile high quality troops in more than one place if you don't want. You can garrison other castles/towns with 500-600 peasants and militia. Now if this is the lowest number of garrison troops of your empire, seeing as you have 1000 high tier in your other castle/town, it will be sieged and attacked so it's not a surefire way to avoid sieges. But by doing this it saves you money.

Once you start your kingdom, you'll realize that money problems will be as great of a challenge as enemy armies. Only until you have many castle/towns/villages will your budget come into balance. It's actually beneficial for you to give away some of your castles/towns to your lords because you don't have to pay for garrisoned troops then. You'll discover your own balance.

Finally, once you renounce your oath, you have the option of keeping ALL of your properties, or giving them back. If you don't give them back, war will be declared automatically. If you do give them back, you will not be a king as you have no kingdom and no properties. Good luck.
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