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Magic Moments?

Getting one-shotted by Black Covians? Seeing Jolie Rogers for the first time?

We'd like you to tell us what has been your most memorable moment with Pirates of Black Cove?

To fire up the conversation I shall tell you what has been my magic moment:

First encounter with Fire Brawler was a great "whoaa WTF niiiice"-moment for me!

What's your magic moment?
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The Kraken, At first I did not know where to fire, as it was everywhere.
The next one was when I Resure The Chiefs Daughter, there was so many of them, and only a few of mine.
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Old 10-31-2011, 05:38 PM   #3
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Picking up Jolie Roger as a protagonist.

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At this point I think finish the game would be a good Magic Moment! Maybe you can work on all the bugs before you ask what was our Magic moment.
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The magic moment for me was the moment i realized this game was a piece of crap and stopped playing. The idea was awesome but its a total failure not even worth fixing.
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Magic moments? There were so many. But the one that was most magical was a part of the credits.

I didn't buy this game from Steam. I bought it from Games Rocket.
The game was ridiculously bugged. One could not finish the game, even with the latest available patch (which is 1.0.5 for non-steam versions). Like many others I got the no-more-missions-halfway-through-the-game problem.

After asking support on Paradox' forums I basically got none. As many others there. The forum is a ghost town. I gave up, asked for a refund from Games Rocket. Didn't get it.

So I went out of my way to get a damn pirated copy of the steam version, patched to 1.0.6. I wanted what I paid for. I will get banned for saying this, but it's okay. At least I can give Nitro a piece of my mind.
This version WORKED. I could play through the game without errors.

Now the magic moment here is where I saw the credits and actually read this game was beta-tested! Now I don't know what these guys were doing during beta-testing, but I doubt any of those testers fired up the game even once.

First and last time I'll buy a game from Nitro. You guys need to get your act together, if you aren't already bankrupt right now. Releasing a bugged product like this, it's like selling people rotting fruit. Not done.
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