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Ronnie Nelis
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Originally Posted by Daniel199516 View Post
There are no tutorials from ronnie yet, otherwise I would try to make some mods too I do remember he mentioned it in some thread though.
They do exist For FO3, people have made new cars (stock/derby car), new car skins (mostly heddly, but some others too) and some even did character-skins. People have not yet sent me new maps or gamemodes, but who knows what the future will bring

They are just not available in public yet If you would like to have the dev-tools, just send me an Email when i'm back from my short holiday (next friday) and i'll give you the link(s).

One good example of that you don't always need to have devtools to do funstuff: One Team6 fan (not for FO3, but from our previous games) managed to import a fighterjet from one game, into a racingmap of another game: Without developer tools. He sent along some more examples of what he did, gave us a good laugh at Team6
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Oh nice, didn't know that Expect an e-mail from me by then, I will try to be the first one to make a new map.
The only things I did so far was just simple stuff like letting it rain in the offroad map

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