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All you pro titan quest players, need advice!

So I started with warfare, maxed out the dual wield tree, ardor, 1 pt. in battle rage, and maxed onslaught.
What's next with Warefare? And I can't decide between Dream or Storm for my 2nd class. Any input is appreciated!
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Almost Full Builds Compendium
Mainstream TitanCalc Class Compendium

Dream is a great compliment to any class. Its trance skills fill out holes in a melee class' weaknesses and also provides crowd control with Dream's ability to put enemies to sleep. Dream also has reserved and passives that will increase your damage output even further.

In Warfare I would max out the Battle Standard tree because it is a great boss killer. Just make sure you have the Fanpatch installed because Triumph is broken without it.

Storm wouldn't be a very good idea in my opinion because hybrid spell casters are not very strong in the end-game. Storm also does not have any passives or reserved skills that synergize well with a melee class. However, the Squall tree can help mitigate damage from archers which can become a serious problem in the harder difficulties, but Warfare has Dodge Attack which adds a passive 21% chance to dodge attacks. Squall can be a life saver if you get surrounded due to its debuff and it can cause decent DOT as well, even on Legendary. I have not tried Spell Breaker because I have not had issues with magical enemies, but some people swear by it.

By the way, Warfare + Dream is called Harbinger, so look for that in the threads I posted above. You can't undo your mastery choices, but you can respec at any time so you can experiment with what works best for you. You can grab TQ Defiler to disable the cost for respeccing so you don't waste money while testing your build out. If you get TQ Defiler I also recommend enabling the RNG fix.

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Awesome! thanks for all the info! +rep
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All of the classes (and mastery combos) are pretty well balanced, though very different styles of play.

I play a plain Conquerer (offense and defense mastery) and other than a lot of potion quaffing (you know what I mean) it works well enough. Just run from bad guys you can't beat and tease them out one at a time so you don't get mobbed.

Some classes are more suited to team play than solo play, such as with rally and battle standard.

In short, try several different classes / mastery combos. Don't be afraid to experiment as you can always backup / clone your characters with DeFILER and items with TQVault
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Many pro players recommend warfare+spirit because this class can deal large damdge and can summon up to 8 pets in 1 time.
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