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Originally Posted by s.labamba View Post
That's the only levelvI can't get 4 stars on. I can only get 3 using Darter as the glowchum. There's no way you can save all the friends or kill the enemies on this level, but I'm still having trouble getting all the coins and beating Darter across the line.
Yeah, I got 3 stars just by winning the race. If I collected any coins it was accidental. I guess this is why you earn an achievement for getting 4 stars!
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The rating system for race level is different - it is only about speed. You just have to complete the race as fast as you can to get four stars.
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Guys check here how to get 4-Star Rating on the race.
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Yeah finally got 4 star in Stage 1 level 8. Believe it or not I'm trying this many times with poor score 1 or 2 star. Absolute nothing to do with speed. What I believe not to die and fully collect everything even very tiny bubble and don't let bad guys escape to hidden...

100% collect and don't die you got 4 star

and don't let ever accident bump to drop friend...thus cause poor score.

Also destroy many bubbles as quickly you get mega combo bonus

4-Star Rating on the race - is different just go SPEED to the finish line fast as possible

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