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Dealing with a hated heir?

How do I deal with having an heir that everybody hates, if I'm not in a position to change my heir, or all my heirs are hated? I'm playing a game now where both my sons have been fighting with each other for as long as they've been alive, and as a result - even though they both love me - they hate each other, I apparently hate both of them, and all my vassals and court members hate both of them.

Or maybe I should say past tense, since my king died in a battle, followed by my heir taking over, followed by fully *half* my territories revolting because my vassals hated the new king's guts, AND I was excommunicated, AND I was attacked by 4 major kingdoms at once, several of whom apparently had casus bellies that would only let me surrender to them by giving up an entire kingdom.

I had conquered most of scandinavia, and all of england (not including scotland, etc), but the death of my king basically destroyed everything into tiny pieces. I guess this is reminiscent of how things often went in real history, but I don't want real history - I want to build a super power damn it!

How do I make people like my heir, when I can't control him, or even get my 'main character' to like him?
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By the time you've gotten to the point where you're suddenly playing as an heir who everyone hates, it's a bit too late to try to fix things except hope that you have the means to put down the revolts.

One thing which is important in the raising of a proper heir is to make sure that whoever tutors him has plenty of virtues and few vices. Most people respect lieges who have virtues (Kind, Patient, Charitable, etc.), and dislike lieges with vices (Cruel, Arbitrary, etc.). Make sure your tutor is of the majority culture and religion, and has good traits to pass on in their education of your heir.

Basically, you want to start thinking about the long-term as soon as possible, and begin breeding good traits into your dynasty (and breeding bad traits out). People will like a good-natured ruler much better, and if you stack enough virtues, that +20 or +30 opinion bonus can be a lifesaver during the precarious transition period.

And sometimes... if your heir apparent does something particularly stupid, and you can afford to do it (i.e. you have another heir in line), you may simply need to get rid of them. I had a situation like that crop up: I had two sons, and the realm was under primogeniture succession. The younger son murdered the older, and was incompetent enough to be found out. This branded him as a dishonorable kinslayer, which could have been devastating during the transition period. Though it pained me to do so, I executed my son for his crimes, because I couldn't afford to let his stupidity threaten the stability of the entire empire.
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Expanding on what Mattrex said above, its better even still if you directly educate your hier, provided you have a respectable primary trait and few cardinal sins. This way you get to control the education events that fire during the heirs education period. These events allow you to pick and choose (with some elements of chance) the traits your heir will end up with.

I've also heard that the learning trait is critical in the chance good and bad traits will be passed on to students, so if you are not educating a child yourself, (perhaps a second son or a daughter) pick someone with good skills, good virtues, and high learning.

But Mattrex is right, by the time your hated son is on the throne, its far too late to fix anything by any means but military might.
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Edit: Wrong thread

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if they are not married, you can always do matrilineal marriages to send them to some other country, or give them bishopries if they don't have any lands yet (that will turn them into bishops and out of succession, which I think also removes some of the penalties since they don't have a chance of getting the enchilada)
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Change to elective succession. Your vassals will love you, and you can pick anyone from your dynasty to succeed you.

I did this once because my heir was born outside of his court and I had no control over his upbringing. He turned out greek and orthodox in addition to not having the traits I wanted. (I am playign the King of Leon)

Switched the succession, picked my new heir and everything went fine. Of course my son and his mother despise me.
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