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Swarm Loot

Been loving this game since I grabbed it, miss the old school XCOM.

I'm curious what kinds of loot other people have seen during their playthroughs when they shoot down swarm leaders.

Examples I've seen:

Infinity Shield: Shield with a strength of 50, recharges after each mission

Alien Life Form Scanner: Shows alien locations on the tactical map

Mega Seeker Rockets: These were just ridiculous, 1000% (not a typo, 1 thousand percent accuracy) and something like 300 damage. Haven't tried them out yet.

So what else have you seen?
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Nemesis Destiny
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I have found portable teleporters (throw it to teleport to that space), a camouflage device (makes holder 25% harder to hit), as well as all the things you found. Also, I've found Advanced Ship Parts, which can be used to upgrade the speed, fuel, and hull of your interceptors and transporters.
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one you forgot is auto-doc heals the guy for 10 health each turn and prevent critials

btw loot is random generated e.g. save b4 you end turn with no aliens left. Then u save/load intil you get what you want.

Alien life scanner is the first one u want
Then auto-docs/eternal shields all the way

Ship parts help lower tech ships more than they do higher tech
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I think there is something called disruption filed generator or something, giving a squad member chance to dodge an enemy projectile. Btw, I really suggest you don't use Alien Life Scanner. The game loses tension since you know the exact location of enemies.
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