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Stuns not working in Exterminatus

So I've been playing for a couple months now and I've noticed that in Exterminatus, your stun combos tend to not work a good portion of the time.

Sometimes stuns will work, sometimes they won't. And when they don't, you usually get killed. It happens seemingly at random UNLESS you're the host. If you're hosting, they work every time. But if you're not, it's a crapshoot. I've had stuns not work when I have a good connection and had stuns work fine when I have a terrible connection. There seems to be no real pattern except that they always work for the host.

When this bug affects you, the Interrupt Attack (F) and the Weak Stun Combo (Attack, F) seem to stun like they're supposed to, but the Heavy Stun (Attack, Attack, F) and AoE "Super Heavy Stun" (Attack, Attack, Attack, F) never seem to stun, though they still stagger. And worse yet, the only way to figure out if you're affected by the bug is to actually try the Combo and have it not work when you need it to.

This makes Sure Strike about useless and makes fighting Scarboys, Nobs, and Space Marines far, far harder than it should be.

Since I doubt they're ever gonna actually fix this, anyone know any workarounds?
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Sure Strike + Thunder Hammer + F, F = Nuke.

But for the most part I think stuns are borked thanks to lag. For example you can interrupt a Scar Boys jump attack with a well timed F press, but usually you'll see the animations connect but a big chunk of your armour will have mysteriously disappeared anyway. :|

It's a bit like predicting charges/pounces in L4D2, but more annoying.
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The biggest issue is that the AoE stomp-stun combo-ender doesn't work. It makes the Sword/Axe almost useless against armored enemies. If the stuns work right, you can keep them perpetually stunned while you take them out. It takes skill, but it's do-able.

With the stuns borked, you can't. You can only usually stun if you have Sure Strike and spam the weak, fast stuns.

This, along with the "No enemies spawning" bugs in Exterminatus, are really disgraceful and need patched ASAP.
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