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I like it better but here's some points that take away from the game, that make it more strategic:

-Cant heal or place new turrets. To me this is kind of lame, you should be able to heal turrets, even if it's just a minute amount.

-There should be some ability to change class. But add a timer to it so it's not happening every round. What happens when your healer leaves the game? Or tank? It would really help to add some sort of change system in the game.

There a few more, but those are my biggest issues inside of the game.

The game overall I think is better. It needs some more tweaking but I think it will be better. It's really nice not dying instantly.

To the person complaining about assassins being weak. Good assassins will still F**k you up in this game. They are not weak. They just need more patience with skill to play now.
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Originally Posted by meditate View Post
Sick of hearing this whine about one-shot kills.

But I guess that's asking too much from this generation of 'gamers'.
One-hit kills go all the way back to Asteroids. Back then, I'm sure a number of people got frustrated by them.

...speaking as if the recent generation of gamers is the first one to whine about them lacks logic.
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