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Mouse/Camera oversensitive


yesterday i've bought SoaSE Trinity on steam.

Starting the tutorials, i noticed the impossibility to use the camera by clicking and holding the right mouse button. The screen rotates x-times in circle although there is no visible movement on the mouse. I thought about a setting parameter in the options menu. However, none was found. Even the respective *.ini files do not reveal any useful parameter that could have an affect on the camera speed.

I would like to play the game without such a annoying feature. Can someone help me please?

Regards from Germany


P.S: Mouse Systemsettings has no effect on the game mouse behavior

(Sry for my english writing skills)
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I'm thinking about buying this game myself. I have the demo installed and the mouse settings seem fine to me.

I searched my documents directory and found some config files that you may open with a text editor. There's a few numbers you can play with to alter the camera settings.

C:\Users\<YourUserName>\AppData\Local\Ironclad Games\Sins of a Solar Empire\Setting

I'm not sure if you've already found and tried editing these config files. There does seem to be a few lines in the camera file that relate to camera rotation speed.

You probably already know this but remember to backup those files before you edit them.

Good Luck
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Nate Dog
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Try turning off Camera: Enable Twist under User Interface. That is probably what is jarateing you off I know it did me when I first started playing sins.
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