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Throttle issues with keyboard

Ok having throttle issues. I set throttle to max and slowly but surely my rpms drop down to the point i can baerly stay in the air... i hit auto pilot and he runs the rpms right up and takes off... i turn off the ai and my rpms go back down.
simple engine control and all
any clues?
cockpit pit view with just gauges, i noticed lower left hand corner, 3 sticks... center one seems to be throttle in the middle, theres one to the right of it... what is that? black tipped
i notive when the ai takes over it maxes this one, but when i take over it goes to zero.... yet i have no clue as to what it is..
any help thanks
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Engines loose power at high altitude. Superchargers try to overcome that. If you're going above of 2000m, try engaging stage 2 supercharger (you'll have to set it in the controls).

Some planes also need you to turn mixture down, but this is much rarer.

Finally, it might be prop pitch, but if you're not changing it, it shouldn't change itself. Either way, make sure prop pitch is at 100%.

Good luck, hope this helps
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