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My Views on CS:GO [wall of text inc]

So I managed to get myself a beta key at AMD Heaven. I started playing around on the beta Sunday and have been dabbling in it since.

Im a 23 mil who has played source for around 2 years, I run a community around it and have recently got a new box to cater for CS:GO.

I may have only been on steam since empire total war, but I have been gaming a lot longer than that and want to share my opinions on this game, some of you wont agree, some points are already raised etc.

Ill start off with the pros of CS:GO.

+ the models
I like the new models for the CTs and Ts, especially the Ts, they look more like terrorists imo.

+ the guns
the guns look beefy and look better. i now have no problem in choosing a glock over a deagle (will get on to this later). the scout also appears a viable choice as does the AUG.

+ the HUD and its bits
the bit at the top showing avatars, whos dead etc. is a lot easier and better than constantly pressing tab (which i still do, but if im walking i cant press tab as i go in to steam overlay). the scoreboard carrying over kills from the first half, the rounds displayed in halfs, the money shown on the scoreboard, ranking now done on points, not K, things like bomb frags go on to the points.

being shown what you are earning money for and earning more for kills where the gun is less powerful ($900 for the MP7. $50 for an awp iirc).

+ the bomb
i like the fact that you can now see how long it takes to defuse.

the beeping at the end to let you know its about to go boom.

+ the maps
All seem a lot more balanced now, it isnt really a camp fest any more, especially on the stacked maps like train, nuke etc. There are few dark spots any more that you would struggle with in source that dont exist any more - e.g. Crows on nuke, dark spot on nuke, the trains on train amongst others.

+ the nades
the variety is brilliant, i wasnt sure about the decoy, but after fooling so many with it, i love it.

im glad that the HE can now kill in 1 hit, source was the first game i played where a nade would not kill in 1, it still needs some tweaking i would say, but this is a step in the right direction.

+ the spawns
it does take some of the tactics out by spawning in the same pattern every time, however, it does balance it up somewhat, personally, im happy to see it balanced.

+ the bots
i love the fact you can control them now, its a fantastic idea.

- accuracy and recoil
i doubt i need to say much on this, but something does need to be done.

- sounds
they arent clear or concise as they are in source. you can hear something the other side of the map as though it is right next to you.

- fog
just needs to be lessened in certain areas, for the most part, it doesnt bother me, using B on train as an example is where it needs to be lessened, NOT removed. however, from side to t spawn on train, this is one palce where i would say its perfectly fine.

- mouse movements
probably just need getting used to, but it feels sluggish.

- the deagle
whilst im kinda happy that its price has gone up, it needs to be warranted, on source its a brilliant gun, on GO it seems weak. long range deag'ing has all but disappeared.

- the nades
on source, you get 2 flashes that flash you pretty decently at most angles. on GO, you get 1 that only gets you if you are in front of it. i think the quantities for the games are the wrong way round, or the qualities.

the firebombs need to last ever so slightly longer or need a couple of hundred knocked off them. i appreciate the price is there to stop a first round buy (i assume?) but if your going to spend $850 or w/e it is, it needs to be worth it. perhaps making it last longer but limiting to 1 or 2 per team.

- the bots
still stupid but can control their recoil, for new starters to the beta, against bots you would struggle.

- skyboxes
They all seem so dark and dingy compared to source


Thats all I can remember for now, Ill add more as I remember/see fit.
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i like =)
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Puppet MasteR
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Thanks for giving your feedback. I am glad you are beta testing.
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I agree with all but the Desert Eagle. It seems perfectly fine as it is.
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Coming from said community, rizla, i think the awp should give out more cash per kill. I realize they did that to try and balance it, but the awp has been perfectly fine for practically ever. Theres no reason to nerf the cash output when if you miss with the awp, you're practically a dead man..
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Terrible post.
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Originally Posted by medsz View Post
Terrible post.
great argument
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They can deny access to a location for a long time, if this was a bombsite your unable to defuse. Longer time is OP, it needs to be shorter or more expensive.
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Firebomb outside B door and in entrance to B tunnel on dust2, for example, means more players will simply give up on trying to defuse. This may or may not happen in pro play, but then the tens of millions of CS and CSS players that bought the game mostly aren't pros. This stuff will be ok in that once there are plugins to get rid of it like the ballistic shield, it will be a draw to servers that get rid of it.
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yes deagle is awful compared to source or 1.6
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i take all your views on board, but you will notice that mine are correct - hence the title of the topic.

the awp - 1 shot kill, $50 for getting an easy kill is bang on, you should not be rewarded more for 1 shot kills.

medsz, this is a beta, this is the idea of the beta, please put your views across as what you said helps nobody.

with regards to nades, very few people keep their nades long enough to the bomb plant/round end. the only times you can buy it with the rest of your stuff is when your on a winning streak anyway its that expensive.

you could adjust it in other ways, make the spread less, reduce the damage, reduce the price, reduce the time. i have never bought one as its $850...i can get a full nade buy for that which gives me greater options than just the one that doesnt last all that long and wont guarantee a win or a kill.
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