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So, I played the demo and while I love the game overall the controls kill me. It feels like my fingers are playing a game of delayed twister on the keyboard when trying to execute the combos needed to win a fight. Is there a way to improve the response time of the controls via tweaking or a mod by chance? Also, how well does this game with work a xbox gamepad?

Lastly, about how long does it take to play through the entire game? Thanks!
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A gamepad would be highly preferable. Whether you want to use a keyboard or a gamepad, though, you'll probably want to rebind the movement controls because most people don't like the default and LizSoft chose to not allow movement to be rebound. We can get around that, though.

For rebinding a keyboard, see this thread: http://forums.steampowered.com/forum....php?t=2517765
For rebinding a 360 controller, you can use XPadder or similar and bind the d-pad to the keyboard movement keys.
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