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Really? No way to change resolution or any graphics/sound options?

After years of waiting I finally get a non-web-based version (I don't have an iOS device either) of Auditorium, buy it on release day, and immediately regret the purchase because I don't think I can stand to play the game at ~1024x600 or whatever the display is set at.

The *concept* of this game is spectacular, but it's as if the developers want to actively discourage me from playing and enjoying their game.
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Sorry about the disappointment. The Steam version of Auditorium is displayed at the same resolution as the web version (830x466). For the moment, Mac is handling higher resolutions better than PC. We're looking to implement hardware support with Adobe Air 3.1, which handles interpolation better and looks magnitudes better at higher resolutions. As soon As we get it working properly, we'll have an update available on Steam.
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