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Originally Posted by Mogh View Post
YES! YES! Finally some new voice lines for the Medic!
Thanks i-ghost, you're the best!
Like, new stuff that's not in the game files, or old repurposed lines like always?

Originally Posted by Schrikvis View Post
So there's no way to get these except for hoping and praying?
They've put I-ghost's stuff in before
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Originally Posted by Ericson666 View Post
Like, new stuff that's not in the game files, or old repurposed lines like always?
I'm not sure, but it doesn't really matter to me, we get to hear new lines in either case!
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Originally Posted by Snyphurr View Post
[LIST=1][*]*I* use it, your argument assumes that NOBODY uses it at all. I wouldn't be getting so bothered by this but this fallacy irks me to no end.
that's silly, there's no point to the bonesaw, it has two straight upgrades.
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Originally Posted by KingOfTeam View Post
Make heavy say "THIS THIS UN DAT UN DIS UN DAT" for every punch with the Eviction Notice IF he's under the effect of mini-crits or crits.

Make him do the minigun impression when he's using them rapidly instead
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Atomic Bang
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Personally, I think Valve should just remove the HMW models. Why theyre in TF2 in the first place? They only look good on machimina-making, you will not look in each other's faces during a match.

Valve could just make them usable in replays, or in a possible future Source Filmmaker.
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Fixed Wrap Assassin making reference to a baseball when picking up baubles
None of the Scout's lines say "baseball", they say "ball". It fits; I've never heard anyone refer to those ornaments as anything other than Christmas balls.

Implemented class-select taunts for Scout, Soldier, Demoman, Engineer and Sniper
Like others have said, these animations just aren't working as taunts. If you/Valve can fix that, then I'd love to see the Soldier one implemented at least. I'd rather not have them replace the default taunts on the Scattergun and Grenade Launcher, though, and the Jag clips like someone mentioned. Save them for new weapons, or swap them to existing weapons that they fit on.

Implemented unused lines from Meet the Sandvich
-- Sandvich response for Heavy

This seems pointless; that line was already redone as a Sandvich taunt response, and it sounds a lot better than the scrapped one.

Also I agree with whoever said the Medic's "saw through your bones" line just doesn't work for the Ubersaw taunt. I should have brought that up back when the pack was originally in development because it's bugged me since then.

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Already voted and added to favourites this fixes pack in the Workshop yesterday. I especially like the Medic lines and the new taunts. Nice work
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