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BigEd 45
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Episode 2 Steel Canibal problem.

Okay, upon exiting the asylum post-boss fight, near the gate, theres a shaking box of what I can only assume should be Fruit F-er's (Sorry, dunno if I can say that or not. Heh.) Problem is, when I go to it and engage it, it pops open and nothing comes out. Theoretically this could be a problematic glitch that could prevent me from picking up some metal I need to help upgrade my team's weapons. I don't exactly remember if there is more than enough metal available in these games, but if there isn't and the robots are supposed to come out, i'm in a real conundrum here.

Any advice, or possible elaboration if something isn't supposed to come out of the box, would be much appreciated.
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they are not in the box at the gate

you need to check the Room just after the fuse box in the morgue freezer boxes there are 3 if I remeber correctly
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