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Hey i was just wondering on the release date of this game? I can already buy it on xbox but id rather on pc instead and when i go on there website and check the platforms steam is listed and i dont see anything to do with it on steam? please i would love to play this!
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Silicon Vampire
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You will need to check the coming soon section of the store until there is some release date info.

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I just noticed that Nexuiz trailer was put up in registry a couple of days ago: http://marlamin.com/cdr/view.php?type=app&id=81480

So chances are this will appear very soon.
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why would you want to buy that game ?
The original game was good and free, then the founder decided he wanted to make money on the name and create a console version (which is nothing like the original).
The rest of the development team decided to continue work on the free pc game under a new name: Xonotic.
Try that instead, you'll probably like it a lot more, since it was designed for pc.
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